Drafting & Design

AIS Designs co. believes in a team approach to home design. Working directly with the homeowner and when possible the builder, we assist by developing a design that meets your needs, lifestyle, and budget. We can even provide qualified, proven referrals for your specific building needs.

New Construction

Designing a custom home requires a site visit and assessment, and meetings with the owner to collaborate on a design that suits their needs and lifestyle, as well as their building site and budget.

Custom Home Design

We provide a range of architectural design services in the Houston area, which includes sketch design, site plan, building regulation drawings, and plans ready for permit. AIS Designs co specializes in residential design and can adapt our service to suit your requirements and architectural style.

Addition & Remodel

Developing a design for an addition to an existing home, or major or minor remodeling job, involves a tour of the home, taking measurements, and working closely with the client to determine their needs.

After a design is completed, construction documents including a site plan, permitting requirements, and building plan are prepared. The finished plans will be ready and in compliance with code with all requirements for bidding and construction. We can stamp the plans when the city requires a seal, assist with all permitting requirements, and help guide a project so it moves forward efficiently.


We offer an hour long visit that will include taking photos, discussing your project requirements, building project feasibility, alternative solutions to proposals, discussion of Planning and Building Regulation Issues that affect the proposals and approximate build costs. We then provide you with a feasibility report and a quotation by email.